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“Delish treats made from scratch, passed down from generations”

Treat Yourself to 
something great

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We offer many treats!

Cakes, cookies, lemon squares, zucchini bread, pies, and peach cobbler. Your taste buds will go to heaven!


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Our Treats don't disappoint!

The recipes in Nolie’s treats have been passed down for generations made from scratch.  They are tasty comfort desserts that remind me of after church Sunday dinners.

- LaGretta G

Dawne Green bakes the best peach cobbler I have ever eaten. My family looks forward to that peach cobbler at every event!

-  Sheila HS

Nolie’s treats are consistently tasty and fresh. My favorites are her sweet potato pie and peach cobbler. Delicious! 

-  Sheila HS

Treat Yourself to 
something great

We can create can treats for your event, party, or gathering. 

Want something not listed in our menu? Don’t worry, we can  still create your special treat! Just submit a request and we’ll plan it out. 

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